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What we do

Digital identities will shape the next wave of the internet – and it all starts with a domain name.

Orange Domains is bridging the gap between traditional domains and blockchain-based digital identities. While the traditional Domain Naming System (DNS) has been around for many years, the Bitcoin Naming System (BNS) protocol emerged to help users register, manage, and look up Web3 digital identities. It leverages the Bitcoin network’s security and resilience for a seamless user experience.

Our unique solutions employ both to unlock endless possibilities for Web3 use cases, applications, and ownership alongside traditional DNS functionality. We build exclusively on the Bitcoin blockchain network, widely recognized for its superior decentralization, security, and brand equity.


Who we are

Orange Domains is an innovative Joint Venture launched by Trust Machines, Tucows, and Hiro Systems. This collaboration between best-in-class web domain operator and Bitcoin Web3 natives aims to bring Web3 utility to traditional domains.


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Let’s build on Bitcoin together.

Make Orange Domains your go-to partner for domains and Web3 digital identities. We value a collaborative approach that leads to lasting partnerships.

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